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Take team engagement & employee work-life balance to the next level

SQUAD offers you an unmissable opportunity for you to seamlessly engage you teams, boost their work-life balance, & improve their social integration in the UAE

​​Engaging your company employees should never be stressful. SQUAD's services alleviate you from all the hassles of planning, organizing, & booking your corporate activities on SQUAD


SQUAD is a one-stop-shop platform for experience
exploration, planning, and booking

  • SQUAD's subscriptions allow you to top up your employees’ accounts with activity credit they can use across any of the entertainment offerings displayed on SQUAD 

  • SQUAD curates customized entertainment programs for your teams and handles all hassles related to the planning, communication, and booking of these experiences

  • SQUAD partners with a network of +50 venues, covering +100 activities, ensuring all your teams' preferences are covered

  • SQUAD provides you with team engagement analytics, allowing you to learn valuable insights about your employees  

How can SQUAD benefit you

SQUAD is your partner to boost a fun and engaging culture within your organization


Forget all activity planning, communication, and booking hassles

Boost Engagement

Increase engagement and connectivity amongst your teams

Achieve Work-Life Balance

Apply work life balance amongst employees

Improve Retention Rates

Improve employee retention rates

Employee engagement should be your top priority


Companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable


Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their employer


Strong company culture increases revenue by 4x

We offer services for companies & teams of all sizes

Team bonding, connectivity, and work-life balance are our priorities

SQUAD’s offerings will keep your teams engaged

​​A set of carefully selected venues, covering diverse entertainment preferences, locations, and budgets

SQUAD will create memorable experiences for your team

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